It was the love for bread that brought the Taberna family together.

Ka Tunying’s humble beginnings trace back to the Taberna home in Nueva Ecija, where they created and shared fond memories as a family over freshly baked bread. But because the supply from the town proper barely reached their barrio, they occasionally experienced the joy of this bond.


            To satisfy the family’s cravings for bread, they thought of putting up a panaderia in their hometown. In 2002, the family opened a small, community bakery and called it Ka Tunying’s Kape, Tinapay at Iba Pa (which was later renamed Tunying’s Bread).


            The name of the bakery is a tribute to Antonio Taberna Sr., the father of the owner; the well-known Filipino broadcast journalist and radio commentator - Antonio Taberna Jr. also known as Anthony Taberna or Ka Tunying.


            Tunying’s bread was an instant hit in the province and attracted a lot of customers, many of whom bought baked goodies such as chocolate crinkles and Spanish bread as pasalubong to their loved ones in Metro Manila.


            This once simple bakery later expanded as a full-service restaurant and established branches in and out of Metro Manila. Ka Tunying’s opened its doors to more families and friends in Quezon City, Tagaytay, and Pasay City.


            Ka Tunying’s exists with the mission to delight customers with our warm service and delectable food products that bring our kababayans and their families together.


            Our core values are Pamilya at Malasakit (family and empathy). We not only treat our customers like family but also value our employees, who have played a significant role in our story of inspiration and success through the years.


            Now in its sixth year, Ka Tunying’s continues to marry innovation and tradition to serve our customers better.


Ka Tunying’s restaurant under A. Taberna Foods Inc. pivoted to take out and food delivery services to be able to share the goodness of Panlasang Makabayan to more families during the lockdown. Despite the challenging situation, we continue to uphold our pledge to support Panlasang Makabayan by sourcing materials and ingredients from local farmers all over the country to boost our local industry.


            At a time when health is the main priority of society, the restaurant also serves fresh food with little to no MSG, as we look out for the welfare of our customers. Among our Ka Tunying's bestsellers are the Batutay or Nueva Ecija Longganisa, Classic Kare-kare and Arroz ala Tunying.


            On the other hand, Ka Tunying’s bakehouse (Kumbachero Food Corp.) crafts next-level Filipino classic bread and modern pastry favorites with a twist to give customers a variety of mouthwatering products to choose from. The pandemic provided a breakthrough for the bakehouse as more distribution channels opened through resellers, outlets, and retail supermarkets. Kumbacheros just can’t get enough of our bestsellers: Whole Wheat Cinnamon, Cheese Cupcake, Pan de Coco, and Spanish bread. Indeed, they are worth a try!


Today, the Ka Tunying’s story continues with our commitment to satisfy customers with excellent service and products and our goal to reach more Kababayans nationwide.


Our vision is to share the love for bread with every Filipino household through our baked creations and to promote Panlasang Makabayan by establishing Ka Tunying’s as the go-to restaurant located in tourist destinations all over the country.